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ATTENTION: Coffee Lovers & CBD Lovers

ATTENTION: Coffee Lovers

ATTENTION: Coffee lovers, lets welcome the intensity brought from the mountain valleys of Colombia.

Experience the medium roast aroma of freshly made black coffee in an instant with 10xPURE™-GOLD Gourmet Black Coffee.

Coffee lovers will savor the delicious full flavors that are robust enough to be recognized as Colombian coffee, home to over 500,000 farms, most being very small in scale.

These farms, located in the beautiful Andes Mountains, allow each producer to focus on creating a truly excellent crop.

I love my first cup of coffee in the morning. Except it takes a couple cups before I’m up and going.

That’s why I’m so excited about 10xPURE and 10xPURE-GOLD Gourmet Coffee enriched with CBDa.

Natural energy source that helps keep my body healthy without the caffeine crash.

10xPURE™-GOLD Gourmet Black Coffee enriched with CBDa
10xPURE™-GOLD Gourmet Vanilla Latte enriched with CBDa
10xPURE™ Gourmet Black Coffee
10xPURE™ Gourmet Vanilla Latte







Each bag contains 30 individual use sachets

10xPURE™-GOLD Gourmet Black Coffee contains no sugar or cream so you are free to mix your own amazing experience.

  Each wholesome cup is enhanced with 10xPURE™ oxygenated delivery crystals containing Lauric Acid, Caprylic Acid and Frankincense, each with its own recognized list of health benefits. People have been known to use these for their therapeutic benefits. When you wake up, you’ll want to get up. This energizing beverage will help power you through your day. Read More