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A Lil About Lil D’s

Hello, My name is Donita Milleson the creator of Lil D’s.

Here I can give a lil’ insight about me. I am from Golden Colorado. My passions are playing outdoors, ROCK hounding, sports with my son, niece and nephew. I enjoy the workout it takes competing with cocky teenagers. I love gardening, playing in the dirt in any way pretty much.


I’m also an emergency readiness nut. I’m very aware of the changes our earth is experiencing which is introducing some extreme weather. In 2014, I remember standing in my backyard, watching a river coming down the street poor in and out of peoples front doors about shin high. A neighbor happened to have a bobcat so he started grabbing big chunks from his property piling it in front of the houses trying to redirect the water to the culvert.


My house was untouched by that flooding. Because I already had my property protected by putting up a berm. By laying down pond liner that real think heavy rubber over some old tires we had at the time. It was heavy enough to with stand the weight of all that water hitting it and just flowed on by. I was so proud of myself, so this is my bragging rights.

The Beginning of Lil D’s

Also, with the emergency readiness you defiantly start looking into natural alternative’s for medication substitutes. This is how I discovered “CTFO” Changing The Future Outcome , a company I fell in love with. They offer world patient CBDa products. One of the leaders in the industry. Every product I have personally tried has worked without any wait time, you start feeling the difference very quickly.


Their Ultimate Deep Healing Cream with EMU Oil is absolutely amazing. There’s no mentholated smell like most pain creams, no greasiness and works immediately. My grandmother guards hers like a bootlegger guarding their moonshine. You know the visual of a hillbilly sitting on the porch with their shotgun saying you aren’t taking my product.


So basically CTFO products make people feel better I want to share them with who ever might need them. I am now a CTFO affiliate Lil D’s Affiliate Link so I am able to promote these amazing products. CTFO offers a free resources for you to take advantage of promoting their products. Creating Lil D’s is a way I can share My CTFO experiences.

Why I Want To Help People

It’s in my nature to care about people, I can’t help myself from assisting those in need. So of course, I want to share all the tools and resources I found that have helped me.


Everything that have helped my health, and how I feel. Improving my Mental and spiritual state, the tools resources which have helped empower me in those areas. Anything which gave me hope for the future. I want to share with others so they can take the opportunities to improve their own lives.


I look around and see so many hurting, unhappy people either from health issues or circumstance. And the voice in my head goes off saying ” I know what will help”. So instead of ignoring it I’m going to do my best to make available the awesome products that will do just that.


The Goal of Lil D’s

The goal of Lil D’s is to share wonderful life changing products and services I myself have discovered along my way. I have free resources to introduce financial freedom. I have free resources to aid in spiritual growth. Self discovery resources and so many life¬†improving products and I just can’t keep them to myself.

Here on this site I can show you products I started using to improve my life.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Anything is possible in Changing The Future Outcome,

Donita from Lil D’s

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